Magbee’s Customer Pledge

Magbee Contractors Supply Customer Commitment

Our team at Magbee Contractors Supply has put in writing our commitment in an effort to show our dedication and appreciation to our customers. We at Magbee understand the importance of our customers and are fully aware that without you, we have no business. Magbee customers should expect only the highest level of service. Every employee who works for our company has committed to the below level of service in writing.

  • Full packages (framing, siding, decks, flat trim) Full packages will be delivered the following business day, when order is placed by noon the previous day.
  • 4 hour fill in orders (inside A-Zone) Fill in orders for stock inventory in the A-Zone will be delivered within 4 hours of the time the order is placed, when requested, otherwise same day without exception. Orders in the A-Zone need to be placed by 11:00 a.m. for same day delivery. Your sales representative can notify you if your specific job is in this zone. A “fill-in” order is defined as being an order able to be delivered on a full sized pick up truck.
  • Fill in orders outside A-Zone Fill in orders for stock Inventory outside of the A-Zone will be delivered the same day if the order is placed by 10:00 a.m. A “fill-in” order is defined as an order being able to be delivered on a full sized pick up truck.
  • Credit Returns Stock inventory items in acceptable condition will be removed from the jobsite and applied back to your account within 72 hours of the return order being written. Trim materials, doors, and windows should be stacked neatly in the garage. Framing, siding, and deck materials should be stacked neatly and forklift accessible.
  • Driver professionalism Magbee drivers are trained to be professional at all times. We commit to doing everything possible to accommodate your delivery needs.
  • Communication We are committed to confirming all full packages prior to loading. We are aware that things are constantly changing on the jobsite and that schedules change. In the case of a backorder, you will be notified by your sales representative prior to the truck being loaded. This will allow you the opportunity to let us know if you would prefer us to ship the partial order or wait until the order is 100% complete. All backorders are considered a top priority to get filled so as not to hold up your job.

Magbee Customer Pledge

Every service, every day, with care and accuracy.

Magbee Vision

Our vision is to be the premier residential building products and services provider in the markets we serve.

Magbee Values

  • Positive attitude
  • Team spirit
  • High moral character
  • Hard working
  • Customer/Quality orientation
  • Circle of influence/Concern


We at Magbee view our relationship with the customer as a partnership. It’s our goal to add value to our customers in any way possible.