Interior Doors

Through our partnerships with various suppliers, we are able to offer virtually any special order door. Lead times vary, but generally allow 2-3 weeks on a special order slab. These can include but are not limited to: MDF doors, different wood species, or plank doors. Special component pieces require additional time on pre-hung units.

Magbee Contractors Supply features a full line of interior molded panel doors in both 6/8 and 8/0 sizes. We also feature bi-fold doors in both 2 door and 4 door styles. Most slabs are available within 3 business days from your purchase. Magbee has a vast manufacturing facility for all your interior door needs. We pre-hang interior doors of any size, both single and double hung. In addition, we have numerous trim profiles to meet any needs, and a variety of jamb options in both clear and finger jointed pieces. On double hung units we have several T- Astragal options, with both long and short foot bolts available. Our in-stock hinges are available in many different finish options. All of our doors are guaranteed and maintain the highest quality control measures. And our just-in-time manufacturing and quick delivery ensures your pre-hung doors are free from damage, clean, and operate properly.

We also stock a wide array of non-molded doors. On our shelves you’ll find interior doors such as: SSB TDL 15 light wood, louvered wood doors, and 6 panel pine doors. We also feature flush slabs or hardboard doors. All slabs are available in 1/6 through 3/0 widths in 6/8 height. 8/0 height are available with additional lead time. As with the molded doors, all slabs are available pre-hung with various casings and hinge colors.

Stock Door Slabs

Four Panel
Three Panel
Five Panel
Six Panel
Two Panel Square
Two Panel V-Groove
Two Panel Radius
door-4-panel door-3-panel 5-panel door-6-panel door-2-panel-square-top door-2-panel-plank-type door-2-panel-radius-top